Photo Gallery

Drying out a job

After our technicians access a job and decide what needs done, they will proceed with what those things are that need done.  This picture was a water job that was accessed and had Category 3 water in that was sucked up the wall.  As shown in this picture, the walls were torn out leaving only the studs and the flooring was ripped up. After tearing out what needs done, they then place equipment such as the dehumidifier and the air movers shown in this picture to finish drying out what was not removed.  The drying out process takes an average of 3 days to complete once equipment is placed.  Every day our technicians will return to the job and take reading to find out if the equipment is placed correctly to do its job and make sure things are drying properly or if something needs modified for better efficiency.  

Hurricane Irma Debri

This photo shows the debri pulled from just one place piled in the front yard that Hurricane Irma created in Texas.  Very little was salvageable in many houses and it just got carried out to the curb to be taken to the dump whether it was actual belongings, floors, walls, or appliances that got ripped out.