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Hurricane Irma

11/27/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Hurricane Irma As our technicians loaded and ready to pull out.

After Hurricane Irma hit Texas, we set out with our local SERVPRO storm team to assist those affected by the terrible storm.  Our team set out September 7th and returned October 7th for a full month of helping those devastated.  It was an experience we are glad we had, but do not wish that devastation on anyone.  We did everything from removing items that were ruined or ripping apart walls and floors from the water damage done to just placing our dehumidifiers and air movers in to dry the houses out or just checking some places for moisture.  Some only had a few inches of water enter their house leaving minimal damage, while others had 6-8 feet of water enter leaving everything damaged.  Since it was storm water and entered from the outdoors after being in contact with anything and everything in its way, anything it touched was ruined because it was considered category 3 water, which is often referred to as sewage water.  Even though everyone we dealt with, whether they were located in Sour Lake or Houston areas, were affected by this storm, and many lost numerous or all of their items, they were very grateful for our services and treated us as guests to their area.